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So, Charisma Carpenter, Clare Kramer and Amber Benson are filming a movie together… Why is no one in the Buffy Fandom talking about this? 

This Week In The Vault: Samm Levine & Amber Benson Brave ‘Maniac!’ 

Are you ready for another unlikely pairing for the latest feature on our FEARNET web series here known as ‘The Vault?’ Of course you are! This week, we’ve got actors Samm Levine (‘Inglourious Basterds’) and Amber Benson (‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’) providing commentary for William Lustig’s “slasher” cult classic ‘Maniac,’ starring the late, great Joe Spinell. 

You may be familiar with the recent remake starring Elijah Wood (currently streaming over on Netflix Instant), but check out the film that not only inspired that film, but that kicked off a slew of “slasher” imitators in the early 80’s! This is the first official directing credit for Bill Lustig who would go on to give us the ‘Maniac Cop' and 'Relentless' franchises and it stars character actor Joe Spinell ('The Godfather,’ ‘Rocky’) in a genre defining role as the sympatheitc and troubled Frank Zito, and Hammer “Scream Queen,” the beautiful Caroline Monroe as Anna, a photographer “love interest” for the tormented Frank. And of course, the movie features some of the most infamous special FX of this era from master artist Tom Savini!

Check out Maniac' with exclusive video commentary with Samm Levine and Amber Benson over on our ‘Vault' page. You can also watch ‘Maniac' without the commentary on our web movies page. Enjoy!